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Gil Scott-Heron: 1949-2011

If you know anything about jazz, beat poetry, funk, spoken word, or rap, then you’ve heard of Gil Scott-Heron. Hailed by many as the godfather of rap, Scott-Heron adamantly refused that title, going as far as to criticize rap music in 1993’s Message To The Messengers. But whatever he was, Scott-Heron’s life, career, and art was tinged – at different times – with brilliance, hypocrisy, revolution, tragedy, innovation, and myriad more adjectives. Continue reading

Eddie Vedder – Water On The Road Trailer

Liam Finn – FOMO

Liam Finn’s new album, “FOMO” reminds me of late nights at Camp Stone. Not the music, per se, but the title. We first learned the word FOMO from one of the Australians who came to work at camp. FOMO stood for, “Fear of missing out,” and it epitomized basically everything that happened at camp after the kids were put to bed. As staff members, we were constantly reprimanded for staying up way too late, well past 3AM on a regular night, due to a combination of no curfew for staff and a serious case of FOMO. How could we go to sleep if our friends were staying up? What if something incredible happened after 230AM when we went to sleep but a few others stayed up? Needless to say, there was a FOMO epidemic at camp that year, a serious disease that has transferred itself to my need to go to every Pearl Jam show that I possibly can. What if they play Bugs? What if this is the show where I finally get to see Immortality, Red Mosquito, and Rival? Continue reading

PJ20 – This Is Not For You

I always thought this song was about the record companies and tag-along fans. Never realized it was for the die-hards who year after year pay 10Club dues and the ever-rising fees for shows.

I’m speaking, of course, of the clusterfuck that is the ticket-buying process for the upcoming PJ20 festival. I won’t be in attendance, but my heart goes out to those who are spending their day futilely trying to score tickets.

Good luck guys.

Update: Sometime yesterday, Pearl Jam announced that their overloaded website was in fact down. It’s kind of hilarious and kind of expected. Either way, here’s the release: Continue reading

My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday

I was just sent the trailer for the My Morning Jacket’s documentary, “One Big Holiday.” It looks pretty awesome and I’m more than excited to see it in its entirety. Here’s a quick snippet from the press release:

Executive Produced by former My Morning Jacket drummer Christopher Guetig (2000- 2002), and directed by Michael Feld, the documentary One Big Holiday provides a rare behind-the-scenes look at the symbiotic love affair that exists between one of America’s hottest bands, My Morning Jacket, and their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

The documentary can be purchased along with the Limited Deluxe Box Set on the band’s site. The trailer can be viewed below, along with a pretty rocking version of One Big Holiday, with Kirk Hammett on guitar.

My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday

The Antlers – Burst Apart

I knew so little about The Antlers when I headed down to Pier 54 at Yishai’s suggestion to catch their free show. He had seen them open up for The National and liked what he heard, but I had only just heard of them. I hadn’t been to a concert in months and it was a gorgeous evening, and even though Elana wasn’t able to come and Yishai wouldn’t be showing up until later, I decided to go solo and check out the show for myself. What I remember most is the enduring thump of the bass drum that shook my chest throughout the show, as the album they were supporting, “Hopsice,” would later make my heart tremble once again, with lyrics that were a little too close to home. Continue reading

The Strokes – Coachella 2011

In celebration of Pearl Jam’s upcoming festival at which The Strokes will be performing, I decided it was time to post their Coachella boot from this year’s festival.

Though I won’t be able to make the PJ-Fest, it’s bound to be quite the party. So if you have any inkling to get out there, do what you can to make it happen.

Download the whole show here or grab the individual tracks below. Continue reading

Pearl Jam Announcement

“I just wanna scream HELLO!!! My god it’s been so long, never dreamed you’d return…”

Looks like the rumors are true and Pearl Jam will be heading out on the road after the summer comes to a close. Here’s the announcement as I heard it on PJ Radio:

Continue reading

Ben Harper – Live In Paris

Check out this Ben Harper bootleg from yesterday’s show in Paris. It’s really quite good. His new album “Give Till It’s Gone” is coming out on May 17th, and you can preorder that in myriad formats on his site here. As for the bootleg, you can grab the entire show here, or stream/download the tracks below. Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Today, we celebrate out mothers. We celebrate those that gave us life, and taught us how to live. Yet while for most today is a day focused on happiness, for others, like my family, it’s tinged with sadness, and the realization that there’s one less person in the world who will call my mother “Ima.”

At Gilad’s funeral, my mother opened her eulogy by saying: “All I ever wanted, was to be a mother.”

Well, Ma, you still are. You are still the mother, and always will be, to four children, to two children-in-law, and to every single one of Gilad’s friends.

So yes, Gilad isn’t with us to celebrate your life and motherhood. But you are still his mother. And you are still our mother. And you always and forever will be.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ima.

Paul Simon – Mother And Child Reunion

The Tallest Man On Earth – Mother And Child Reunion (Paul Simon cover)