Kanye West – Coachella 2011

When Kanye mentioned during his Coachella-ending set that he “may not be the best singer in the world,” it sounds like the understatement of the century. Just like we’ve had to excuse Mr. West’s stupidity in the past for the sake of his artistry and the realization that he might just be crazy, so too here: we’re forced to excuse his wince-inducing attempts at singing (see the end of Runaway and all the songs off “808s and Heartbreak”) for the sake of the rest of his performance.

Because beyond the ego, the insanity, and the weak pipes, is an artist who not only put out one of the best albums of 2010 but also happens to be one of the most intense performers out there.

So, grab the show as as a zip file or stream/grab the individual files below.

1. Intro (H.A.M)
2. Dark Fantasy
3. intro to
4. Power
5. Jesus Walks
6. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
7. Diamonds From Sierra Leone
8. Hell Of A Life
9. Monster
10. Flashing Lights
11. Good Life
12. Love Lockdown
13. Say You Will
14. kanye banter
15. Heartless
16. Swagga Like Us (Jay-Z cover)
17. Run This Town (Jay-Z cover)
18. E.T. (Katy Perry cover)
19. Homecoming
20. Through The Wire
21. All Falls Down
22. Touch The Sky
23. Gold Digger
24. All Of The Lights
25. Stronger
26. Chariots of Fire (PA)
27. Runaway
28. crowd noise
29. Lost In the World
30. Hey Mama

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