The landslide brought me down…

Pre-post note: I like Glee. A lot. I think it’s brilliant show. The reasons for that love are mostly listed here. And so…

… we were catching up on the episodes of Glee that we’ve missed and heard a gorgeous rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. Which prompted a quick discussion as to which version is the best. Elana went with The Dixie Chicks, and while I’m not such a fan of most of their music, I was pretty swayed by that argument; their harmonies are gorgeous, and they perform the track flawlessly.

But in the end, my money has to be with Billy Corgan. (I say Billy and not the Smashing Pumpkins, because this song is all Billy.) His vocals don’t beat out the other versions, and the musicianship is even more basic than Fleetwood Macs’. But there’s something about his voice that makes this song more real for me. Maybe it’s his strained vocal chords which give off a true sense of longing. Maybe it’s the fact that he was able to further strip down an already bare song. Or maybe it’s just because I heard this version first. Whatever the reason, it’s my favorite version.

But who cares what I think. Which version is your favorite?

Fleetwood Mac – Landslide

Smashing Pumpkins – Landslide

Dixie Chicks – Landslide

Glee – Landslide

One response to “The landslide brought me down…

  1. I vote for Glee!