New(ish) Music – Okkervil River, Middle Brother, and Raekwon

It snowed in Boston. A lot. More than a foot. And it’s cold here. Plus, now the sun is out and reflecting off the white snow, blinding everyone who looks out a window. Notice how I didn’t say anyone who walks outside, because ideally no one would walk outside in this weather. But in truth, if you put on some sunglasses, it looks kind of pretty outside. And if you listen to some new music while walking to the shuttle to work, you’ll be happy, even when the shuttle is 20 minutes late. New music is like that. Enjoy:

  • One of the guys from Deer Tick (John McCauley), one of the guys from Delta Spirit (Matt Vasquez), and another guy (Taylor Goldsmith from Dawes) got together to form a deliciously enticing indie-blues-rock super-group called Middle Brother. They’ve only released one song so far, but it’s awesome and you should listen to it. Also, YANP has posted a video of them performing the song which you should totally check out.
  • Okkervil River debuted a new song (Wake And Be Fine) from their forthcoming (May 10th) album “I Am Very Far.” They performed this song on Fallon and it was awesome.
  • Finally, Raekwon released the title track off his forthcoming album “Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.” Also, according to Pitchfork, yesterday was his birthday (this fact has been confirmed by Wikipedia). So be sure to make yourself a cake for his birthday.

Middle Brother – Me Me Me

Okkervil River – Wake And Be Fine

Raekwon – Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang

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