Verizon iPhone – At Last

Photo stolen from Gizmodo

This is in no way a tech blog, but as a lover of that kind of stuff, I was checking out Gizmodo’s coverage of today’s Verizon iPhone Announcement and I noticed  an article with the picture/graphic shown above. And of course, this immediately reminded me of the Etta James song.

As for me,  I’m quite happy with my iPhone 3GS on AT&T right now, and am in no way going to go out and switch carriers right now (certainly not if they don’t offer unlimited data, and even if they did – I’d wait until they announce the 4G iPhone 5 in June, but that’s just speculation). But for those of you Verizon customers out there who’ve been waiting for this for years, here’s a bit of Ms. James as a celebration song.

Etta James – At Last

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