Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean (Live)

Photo via @Playvicious

So, if you check out NPR Music, you can stream/download/watch Iron & Wine’s live debut of their forthcoming album “Kiss Each Other Clean.” And in case you like your bootleg concerts broken up by track, check out the boot below.

Download the entire show (as a zip of the individual files) here.

Iron & Wine – Tree By The River (live)

Iron & Wine – Big Burned Hand (live)

Iron & Wine – Biting Your Tail (live)

Iron & Wine – Half Moon (live)

Iron & Wine – Monkeys Uptown (live)

Iron & Wine – Glad Man Singing (live)

Iron & Wine – Summer In Savannah (live)

Iron & Wine – Godless Brother In Love (live)

Iron & Wine – Rabbit Will Run (live)

Iron & Wine – Me And Lazarus (live)

Iron & Wine – Boy With A Coin (live)

Iron & Wine – Naked As We Came (live)

One response to “Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean (Live)

  1. first, thanks for this, but did he seriously not play WALKING FAR FROM HOME?