My Favorite 10 11 Singles of 2010

In this musical day and age, the single has once again become the most important item to further an artist’s career. It started off as the single, in the 60s when bands were forced by their record companies to put out a new single every few weeks. Then we moved to the golden age of the album, where bands were allowed the creativity and given the time to properly craft entire musical theses, instead of mere thoughts. Then we moved to the music video, and now, in the age of the internet, mixtapes, and iTunes downloads – the single is the most powerful musical item once again.

While I prefer albums, I must admit that as a blogger, singles are my bread and butter. Leaked albums are few and far between these days, so single releases or leaks are what I’m able to hear, share, and write about the most. And so, I present to you my favorite 10 11 singles of 2010:

11. The Morning Benders – Promises

10. J. Roddy Walson & the Business – Don’t Break the Needle

9. Cee Lo Green – Fuck You

8. Dr. Dre – Kush (feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon)

7. The Black Keys – Tighten Up

6. Kanye West – Runaway

5. Sleigh Bells – Crown On The Ground

4. LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

3. Local Natives – Sun Hands

2. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

1. The Tallest Man On Earth – The Dreamer

2 responses to “My Favorite 10 11 Singles of 2010

  1. I’m a huge fan of J. Roddy. This year’s album was sublime.

  2. Favorite on the list is Cee Lo Green…
    Also not sure if it was ’10 or ’09 but “How you like me now” by The Heavy.