Three Years of Posts

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of this blog. And looking back, it’s a little crazy that I’ve kept this up for so long.

Back when I started the blog, I basically used it as a venue to share music with my campers. From there it blossomed, and I discovered that people were actually reading what I was writing. I discovered the Hype Machine, and gained even more of a following.

We had our ups and downs as well. Pearl Jam threatened a lawsuit when I posted too much unreleased material. Blogspot shut me down for violating RIAA laws too often. But we pushed past that, moving to WordPress, regaining our followers, and getting to an average of 500 hits per day, which continues to amaze me. Since we began at WordPress in March of this year, we’ve had over 100,000 hits. If we add that to the hits from the previous incarnation of the blog, we’re at more than 336,00o total hits. That’s more than a third of a million hits.

But beyond the hits, what keeps compelling me to write is the same thing that compels you to visit: the music. Hearing that new song/band/album for the first time. Listening to a forgotten track from your youth. Discovering that your new favorite band is in town next week and you can get tickets. Curling up on a rainy day with your headphones and your favorite rainy day song. Whatever it is that you love about music.

And while I could use other people’s blogs to discover the music, what I truly love, almost as much as hearing that great song, is sharing it with someone else. The ability to write about a song and the feelings that it can inspire is something that I love to do, and I thank you all for reading.

So why do we do it? Because the music is what we love. Because the music inspires us. Because the music is one of the driving forces in our lives. Because the music.

My Morning Jacket – Thank You Too!

P.S. Check out my blog-brother Avi at The Daily Snowman. It’s his blog-aversary too, and if not for rooming with him and being influenced by his mastery of the internet, I never would’ve started this blog.

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