The Sweet Part of the City

This band isn’t entirely my cup of tea. They sound like a modern-day Bruce Springsteen. Not to say that’s bad; I’m just not sure how I feel about it yet. But they hold a special place in my heart. See, Gilad was just getting into these guys this past Spring. For those of you who were around, you know that Gilad stopped listening to music sometime in the early summer. THS’s last album, “Heaven Is Whenever” came out in May of 2010, so it’s probable that this was one of the last albums that Gilad ever downloaded.

I know that doesn’t make it good, but in a time when he knew he was slowly slipping away, with a heart and a head that had a tough time becoming emotionally connected to anything, Gilad was able to connect to this album. I don’t know what exactly about the music he was attracted to, but I do see why he may have liked it. It’s straightforward, but not simplistic. It’s heartfelt, but not corny.

This was Gilad – he told it like it was, but not in a stupidly simple way. He was heartfelt, but he wasn’t a cheese-ball. Maybe I’m just extrapolating what his feelings may have been, but that’s my right as the author of this blog and as his brother.

So check out the track. The lyrics don’t seem to mean much, but they have a beautifully nostalgic note to them. And considering how much we all love and miss Gilad, nostalgia seems the way to go tonight.

The Hold Steady – The Sweet Part of the City

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