Slim Cessna – Live at Great Scott

As a Jew, it’s rare that I get to participate in a Revival meeting. And as a member of reality, it’s rare that I get to hear an Eddie Van Halen style banjo solo at a Southern revivalist concert, hosted by a gaggle of Denverite musicians, that took place at a Boston bar. Yet, when it comes to Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, reality is sometimes placed on the backburner in favor of a much more entertaining, albeit ridiculous, good time of a concert.

To give you a good idea of what kind of show this was, picture a down and dirty country blues bar with a group of rowdy fans mulling about in front of a tiny stage. That was the picture before Slim and Co. took the stage. Because once the band downed their pre-show whiskeys on the side of the stage (there was no backstage – in this place the side of the stage meant standing next to the stage with the audience) and took their places atop the tiny platform, the place was transformed into a wild frenzy of a concert. Picture a church, where the preacher wears a cowboy hat, the congregation moshes, and everyone is inebriated. That’s a tiny picture of what a Slim Cessna’s Auto Club show looks like.

To make things even more ridiculous, the pedal steel was played by a guy in a track suit, the standup bass was played by a guy wearing all white who looked like a cross between Eddie Vedder and Jeff Bridges, and a tiny guy who looked a bit like the guy from Anthrax split his time between playing heavy metal solos on a banjo and on a double-necked guitar with the face of the Virgin Mary painted on it.

Spin Magazine called these guys “the best live band at SXSW” and while I don’t know if they’re the best live band I’ve ever seen, they certainly make an argument for the rowdiest, strangest, and most ridiculous. If you get the chance, please check them out. They’re really quite good.

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