Gilad Schwartz – The Unreleased Demos

Two months and two days ago, Gilad passed away. Somehow, we’ve all been living and going on, despite this horrible hole in our hearts. And one of the ways that I’ve been dealing with everything is through music: the music that Gilad listened to, the music that he and I played together, and most importantly – his own recordings.

We only have a few tracks, but they are truly to be treasured – to be able to hear his voice, his guitar playing, and his musical talent. We miss you so much Gilad.

Gilad Schwartz – Home (Marc Broussard cover)

Gilad Schwartz – Untitled Instrumental

7 responses to “Gilad Schwartz – The Unreleased Demos

  1. I guess God needed Gilad’s music closer to him….but it is just so damned hard to go through each day without him in our lives. Thanks, Ariel

  2. When were these recorded?

  3. Untitled instrumental = Ahavat Yisrael instrumental

  4. awesome guitar playing.

  5. Pesach Sommer

    Nice stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  6. obsessed. i’ve been listening to these all day 🙂
    he was so ridiculously talented.
    what a rockstar.

  7. This is the Gilad I remember. Thank you very much for posting these.