Pearl Jam – Bridge School Benefit (Night 1)

Yes, that’s right. In case you’re at all interested in Pearl Jam (which, if you read this blog you probably are), you’ll enjoy this one. For the uninformed, over the weekend, Pearl Jam played two nights at the Bridge School Benefit. In addition to being the first shows Pearl Jam played since they turned 20 last Friday, these shows also happened to be quite amazing – as their Bridge School shows tend to be. Eddie truly shines when he’s in acoustic mode, and as usual, Uncle Neil joined the boys onstage, this time for the new opening cut to his album “Le Noise” – Walk With Me. Enjoy the show!

Thanks to Yonah and Dirty Frank for uploading the shows.

Download the entire show here.

Pearl Jam – Intro

Pearl Jam – Last Kiss

Pearl Jam – Unthought Known

Pearl Jam – Santa Cruz

Pearl Jam – Nothingman

Pearl Jam – Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)

Pearl Jam – Betterman

Pearl Jam – Walk With Me w/Neil Young

Pearl Jam – Just Breathe

Pearl Jam – Black

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