Sonic Youth – All Tomorrow’s Parties

Sonic Youth concerts are a wall of noise. I was lucky enough to catch them earlier this year at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. A few songs into the set, I had made my way all the way to the front of the tiny club; standing right up against the stage, reveling in the beautiful cacophony of noise that Kim, Thurston, Lee, Steve, and Mark were making.

The band surprised fans at ATP 2010 by playing a setlist of exclusively early material – something they rarely do. Stare at your shoes, crank up your speakers, and enjoy this gem of a bootleg.

Download the entire show here.

Sonic Youth – Candle

Sonic Youth – The Sprawl

Sonic Youth – Cross The Breeze

Sonic Youth – Catholic Block

Sonic Youth – Stereo Sanctity

Sonic Youth – Eric’s Trip

Sonic Youth -Death Valley ’69

Sonic Youth – Shadow Of A Doubt

Sonic Youth – Hey Joni

Sonic Youth – The Wonder

Sonic Youth – Hyperstation

Sonic Youth – Shaking Hell

Sonic Youth – White Cross

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