Today In Pearl Jam History – Temple Of The Dog

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After Andy died, Stone and Jeff didn’t know what to do. They had come so close, and lost so much. Could they possibly succeed again? So they searched, and the recruited a San Diego singer named Eddie Vedder to see if they could make it back to the top, earn another record label, and maybe leave their mark in the music business. [Spoiler alert: they succeed.]But while these recordings were in the works, Chris Cornell had another project in mind. He called up Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament with three songs he had written in Andy’s memory. They recruited lead guitarist Mike McCready, Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, and by the time they emerged from the studio, they had a 10-song album. On one of the songs, Cornell was having trouble reaching the vocal lows, so a young Eddie Vedder, who was lounging around the studio while his new bandmates were recording the album, slinked up to the microphone to help with the singing. The song, Hunger Strike, would become the most famous of the album, and would lead people to forever believe it was a Pearl Jam song.

They only put on one official show, and there’s only one recording of it, leaving nothing beyond the album and this boot. But they succeeded in their goal – creating a musical tribute to their bandmate, their muse, and their friend – Andy Wood.

Download the entire show here.

Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike

Temple Of The Dog – Wooden Jesus

Temple Of The Dog – Say Hello 2 Heaven

Temple Of The Dog – Reach Down

Temple Of The Dog – Call Me A Dog

Temple Of The Dog – Times Of Trouble

Temple Of The Dog – Pusin’ Forward Back

Temple Of The Dog – Your Savior

Temple Of The Dog – Four Walled World

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