The happiest of birthdays

Today would’ve been Gilad’s 20th birthday. Today also happens to be Avital’s first birthday. The mixed feelings are, again, overwhelming. Joy contrasted with sadness. The future and the past. Her life is just beginning, while his was cut tragically short.

Our daily struggle with Gilad’s death is made somewhat bearable by Avital. When Gilad was sick, many times she was the only thing that could make him smile. Now, she’s doing the same thing for the rest of us.

Happy 1st birthday, Avital – thanks for taking a sad day and imbuing it with a bit of joy.

Happy birthday Gilad – we miss you so much, and always will. Love you, bro.

Pearl Jam – Brother

Billy Bragg & Wilco – Walt Whitman’s Niece


2 responses to “The happiest of birthdays

  1. this is such an amazing, beautiful photo. wow.

  2. It’s Avital AND our other fabulous kids that help us all through. We are family…all my brothers & sisters & me…..