Today in Pearl Jam History – Bad Radio

Twenty years ago today, a relatively unknown singer/songwriter boarded a plane from San Diego to Seattle to try out for a new band. That man’s name is Eddie Vedder, and that band came to be Pearl Jam. A little over a week later on October 22, that band played their first ever show. By the next day, they had a week’s worth of mastered tracks to be chosen for an album – a feat made possible by the fact that Eddie went straight from the airport to the recording studio, and the band played and recorded basically non-stop for an entire week.

But before Pearl Jam, there was other music. Tomorrow we’ll talk about the Mother Love Bone story. But tonight, let’s relive Eddie Vedder’s roots with a funk-rock band called Bad Radio.

Bad Radio – Betterman (live)

Bad Radio – Homeless

Bad Radio – Believe You Me

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