Andrew Bird – Live On KCRW

Andrew Bird is one of the most talented an entertaining live performers out there. And this on top of the fact that he’s a classically trained violinist who combines his Suzuki method training with his indie rock songwriting chops makes him one of the most interesting and innovative artists out there right now.

If you have the change, check him out in concert. Until then, though, just listen to this bootleg to tide you over.

Andrew Bird – Fitz & The Dizzyspells

Andrew Bird – Masterswarm

Andrew Bird – Natural Disaster

Andrew Bird – Oh No

Andrew Bird – Effigy

Andrew Bird – The Giant Of Illinois

2 responses to “Andrew Bird – Live On KCRW

  1. srsly. thanks for always posting the quality bird bootlegs! such a genius.

  2. the masterswarm mp3 isn’t working. any chance you can repload it?