Jimi Hendrix – A Memorial Bootleg

For those of you keeping track at home, today is the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s untimely death at the young age of 27. One of the greatest electric guitar players of all time, Hendrix revolutionized the way the instrument was used – taking it from an electric version of the acoustic guitar, to an instrument all its own. His use of fuzz-boxes, wah pedals, and reverse coil pickups created new sonic soundscapes, previously unimagined.

So, in his memory, here’s the bootleg of his infamous concert with Jim Morrison. (Contrary to popular belief, however, Johnny Winter was not present at this  show.) Hendrix is on fire all show, and Morrison spends a good deal of time drunkenly and incomprehensibly cursing out no one in particular. (See Morrison’s Lament for details.)


Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – Red House

Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – Wake Up This Morning and You Find Yourself Dead

Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – Bleeding Heart

Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – Morrison’s Lament

Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – Tomorrow Never Knows

Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – Uranus Rock

Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – Outside Woman Blues

Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – Sunshine Of Your Love

2 responses to “Jimi Hendrix – A Memorial Bootleg

  1. I love The Doors. (I understand other people don’t feel this way.) They were the first band I listened to, they were the band I grew up with. Their music still means a lot to me. I understand Morrison had a bit of sickness in him that he chose to address with deadly amounts of drink. It’s truly sad to hear him like this. Other members of The Doors said his alcoholism was like an “old man’s” version. He simply drank himself stupid. That’s clearly the case here.

    Interesting and disturbing.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Haha! Jimi is in the zone. Morrison is comic relief.