Sometimes the blues is just a passing bird

I’ve loved The Tallest Man On Earth since I discovered his music about a few years ago on La Blogotheque. So when I discovered that Kristian Mattson (our talented guitarist/singer/songwriter who goes by The Tallest Man On Earth) put out a surprise album, Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird, I was immediately overjoyed.

One of the nice things about a new album is discovering new directions that an artist is taking his music in. Until now, most of Mattson’s songs, both vocally and musically, sounded eerily like Bob Dylan. This is always a welcome comparison, but at a certain point you’d like the artist to change his tune (pun intended) and develop their style beyond what the audience is used to.

“The Dreamer,” the second song on this mini album, is Mattson’s version of Dylan going electric. Not only does he whip out the solidbody and amp, but the music and singing styles are very different from the Tallest Man that we’ve grown to love. Don’t be scared – this is a good thing.

The Tallest Man On Earth – The Dreamer

One response to “Sometimes the blues is just a passing bird

  1. it IS a good thing… wow.