Grateful Dead – Live at Red Rocks (8-12-79)

Yesterday was Jerry Garcia’s 15th yartzeit. (Or, for those of you who don’t have any knowledge of Yiddish, yesterday was the 15th anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death.) My dad informed me of this at about 11:59PM last night, as the day was almost over, and thus I had no time to put together a quick post about The Dead. But through a few quick questions, I determined that my dad had seen The Dead play at Red Rocks either in the summer of 78 or 79. The two 1978 shows are ruled out, because they happened on Friday and Saturday nights, and my dad wouldn’t have been there on a Friday night (we’re Jewish), and wouldn’t have been able to make the drive from Denver on Saturday night after the Sabbath ended, and before the show began.

Thus, my powers of deduction lead me to believe that he attended the show on August 12th, 1979 – a Sunday night.

So, to commemorate Mr. Garcia’s yartzeit, and to give my dad something to listen to at work, here’s that bootleg. Enjoy!

Download the entire show here.

1. Promised Land

2. They Love Each Other

3. Mama Tried

4. Mexicali Blues

5. Peggy-O

6. Lazy Lightnin’

7. Supplication

8. Brown Eyed Woman

9. Looks Like Rain

10. Althea

11. Passenger

12. Tuning

13. China Cat Sunflower

14. I Know You Rider

15. The Lost Sailor

16. Don’t Ease Me In

17. Estimated Prophet

18. Eyes Of The World

19. Jam

20. Drums

21. Space

22. Not Fade Away

23. Black Peter

24. Around & Around

25. U.S. Blues

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  2. they also played there 8/30 + 8/31 78