New Pearl Jam – Of The Earth

[Edit: Two more versions of the song have been added to the post. You choose which one you like best.]

I must thank the amazing Pearl Jam blog, TwoFeetThick for this one. At tonight’s (last night’s?) PJ show in Dublin, the boys debuted a song that Eddie called “so new it might not even be a song…. We’ll see.”

Is this some kind of “Out Of My Mind” phenomenon where the band plays it once and some crazy fan donates money to charity to hear it played ten years later? Who knows. Who cares? Right now, all that’s important is that there’s some new Pearl Jam out there, and for you to download.

The audio isn’t the best (I ripped it from this YouTube clip), but apparently a more official version is being played on Pearl Jam radio. So listen to my mp3 below, watch the video, or stay on PJ Radio for hours hoping to hear the track. Either way, make sure you listedn

Pearl Jam – Of The Earth (YouTube rip 1)

Alternate Recording 1: Pearl Jam – Of The Earth (YouTube rip 2)

Alternate Recording 2: Pearl Jam – Of The Earth (YouTube rip 3)

2 responses to “New Pearl Jam – Of The Earth

  1. Or go to the official website and find download.

    [Editor: This song is not available for download on the PJ website. Better Days (a song I posted a few weeks ago) is. Of The Earth is not.]

  2. High quality video here: