Daily Archives: June 22, 2010

Jay-Z – Live at Bonnaroo 2010

If only for this boot, I’m sorry I missed this year’s ‘Roo. I know the lineup wasn’t amazing this year, but this Jay-Z set is full of intense energy, that seemed to translate pretty well to this formerly hippy festivel.

The premier rapper that he is, Jay has managed to both stay at the top of the game for this long, as well as cross his brand of rap over to the rock camp. Just take a look at any rock blog’s top albums of the 2000s list; everyone had Jay’s “Blueprint” on their list. Everyone respects him as a rapper, a performer, and an icon.

This is why he was one of ‘Roo’s headliners, and this is why he’s so great.


Download the entire show here.

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