Sleigh Bells – Treats

Maybe it’s the musician in me, but this band’s sound has a sense of urgency in it. I’m pretty sure what I’m hearing is an amplifier just past the point of being safely overdriven, where the speaker sounds like it’s about to explode. But this harsh noise is somehow ear piercingly melodic and when coupled with a sweet (though not always) female voice, the music stands out as something unique and brilliant.

Sleigh Bells’ debut album, was produced by MIA, and we can absolutely hear that in the gunshot sounds, quick stops, and dance beats. But this sound moves past MIA and into a cross between dance, techno, shoegazer, and hard rock. The album almost sounds like a Girl Talk song that took samples from My Bloody Valentine, The Dead Weather, MIA, and Orbital – mixing them into a glorious type of sound that works as well in a dance hall as in a concert venue.

Pitchfork hailed this offering as one of those albums that “makes you re-think loud.” To deny that would be a lie, but the album is so much more. It’s innovative. It’s brash. It’s a dance album. It’s a pop album. It’s a hard rock album. And as weird as the combination of all of those genres sounds, Sleigh Bells has managed to push the boundaries of what we call music on “Treats.”

Check out the track and enjoy this new sound as a next great step in music.

Sleigh Bells – Crown on the Ground

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  1. realy rad stuff