Daily Archives: May 21, 2010

Pearl Jam – MSG1 2010

Being an observant Jew and a Pearl Jam fan in the New York area can sometimes present a challenge. Take this year’s tour: We had Newark on the first night of Shavuot (also called Pentacost in English, commemorating God giving the Bible to the Jewish people) so that was a no go. We have MSG2 on a Friday night. Boston was out of the question for me because I was graduating the next AM. So all I was left with was MSG1, last night’s show – which was to begin just as the 2-day Jewish holiday was ending (sundown was 8:51 PM last night).

But how, you ask, would I ever be able to make it to MSG by the time the show was to begin, if I couldn’t hop on a train until sundown? An excellent question indeed. Now, one option would be to arrive at the show late, but that doesn’t help if one has Ten Club tickets which must be picked up at the box office within 30 minutes of the start of PJ’s set. So what was I, my brothers, and Elana to do? Continue reading