Weird Uncle Music – Episode 11

Friends, this post has been a long time in the making.

For a year and a half, while attending Yeshiva University, I co-hosted a radio show called Music Your Weird Uncle Listens To/Music Your Weird Uncle Likes/Philosophers of Art. (We could never really remember exactly what the name was.) We had a great time, spending one hour a week just listening to music, being total idiots, and having a grand old time.

Recently, my co-host Avi Sher was able to get the archived mp3 files from our shows and send them off to me. And so, I present you the first episode of season 2 (which we’re called episode 11). Our banter is juvenile, our references are patently Jewish, and the only people listening were our parents. But we had a fantastic time, and listening back to the episodes makes me literally lol.

Download the show, stream it on here, and enjoy the music we loved back in 2007, and the incredibly stupid things we had to say about it and everything else in general.


Music Your Weird Uncle Loves – Episode 11

Track Listing

1. Van Halen – Eruption

2. Interpol – Obstacle 1

3. Keller Williams – Freaker By The Speaker

4. The Beatles – Dizzy Miss Lizzy

5. The Allman Brothers Band – Whipping Post

6. The Who – The Real Me

7. They Might Be Giants – Stone Pony

8. Ben Harper – Burn One Down

9. Nena Alles Gute – 99 Luftballons

10. Feeder – High

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