Daily Archives: May 5, 2010

My Morning Jacket – Friends Again

New music on the My Morning Jacket front, a song called Friends Again, which was played (debuted?) at the April 21st show in Nashville. You can download or stream the entire show on Archive, or just grab the new song on the blog.


My Morning Jacket – Friends Again

ALSO: I’m looking to score a what.cd account. Do you or anyone you know have some invites you want to share? It would help the blog immensely.

Pearl Jam Philly Boots Released

Big news on the Pearl Jam bootleg front. After months of no news about whether or not the Spectrum-closing Philadelphia shows at the end of November 2009 would be released, Pearl Jam suddenly announced them for sale today. And while we kind of knew this was coming, because these versions were being played on the recently debuted Pearl Jam radio, it’s still nice to finally get to hear the songs.

They’re for sale on digital format (256 kbps mp3 and FLAC), CD format, and a 9-CD limited edition box set. Check out the bootleg section of the Pearl Jam store here, and go crazy.