Pearl Jam Live Radio

Exciting news on the Pearl Jam front! Earlier today the image above appeared on Pearl Jam’s website here. While the online version isn’t really working yet, Donny of the All That’s Sacred (PJ’s unofficial podcast) figured out how to listen to it through iTunes.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open iTunes
  • Click the ‘Advanced’ tab and click the ‘Open Audio Stream’ Button
  • (Alternatively, just press  ‘Ctrl +U’)
  • Paste the following into the URL section:

There you have it.

Update: This also  seems to work on the iPhone as well. Paste into your iPhone’s Safari browser. I haven’t checked to see if you can play it in iTunes itself, but if you play it in Safari, you can still close Safari and have the music continue to play. Pretty cool stuff.

Update 2: I was listening  as I was falling asleep, and all of a sudden, a live version of Bugs came on. And as the song was only played once, and seems to be of official bootleg quality, it’s quite possible that this means the release of the coveted Philly shows soon…

Update 3: The regular website seems to be live as well. Try it out here.

2 responses to “Pearl Jam Live Radio

  1. the URL also works straight into WMP for those of us that don’t do iSuck.

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