The Tallest Man On Earth: The Wild Hunt

“Joanna Newsom sounds like Joni Mitchell and The Tallest Man On Earth is just a Dylan copycat.”

Yes. I’m aware that some people think that. I know that these two artists have similar voices to said folk rock foreparents. But in no way does that make then unoriginal or without their own styles. While I’m still not ready to adequately review Joanna’s latest masterpiece (see here) I do think I can begin a review of The Tallest Man On Earth’s recent release, The Wild Hunt.

This is an artist who is fantastic in all three equally important areas of singer/songwriter music. He has mastered his instrument (the guitar), has perfected his vocal style (think of a Dylan with a good voice who isn’t afraid to let his voice jump around a bit), and has become quite the lyricist:

There is a crow moon comin’ in well you keep looking out
It is the hollow month of March now sweeping in
Let’s watch phenomenons that rise out of the darkness now
Within the light she is my storming heroine

So you naysayers can claim copycat all you like. Anyone who has their ears screwed on right will recognize this album as an original work; one that isn’t just different than a Dylan record, but one that has introduced some pretty awesome music to the world.

The Tallest Man On Earth – The Wild Hunt

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