Soundgarden: April 16, 2010

This one doesn’t need much of an intro. Soundgarden, one of the premier Seattle bands of the late 80s and early 90s, has finally reunited. Broken up in 1997, Soundgarden announced that they would be reuniting in late 2009, and played their first show in 13 years on Saturday night, April 16.

The show sounds pretty awesome, and Cornell can hit almost all of the absurdly high notes from their early songs. The band as a whole sounds pretty tight, as if they picked up where they left off in 1997.


[Update: Both the zip file and the single song files have run out of bandwidth. Please check back again tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.]

Download a .zip file of the entire show here.

1. Soundgarden – Intro

2. Soundgarden – Spoonman

3. Soundgarden – Gun

4. Soundgarden – Searching With My Good Eye Closed

5. Soundgarden – Rusty Cage

6. Soundgarden – Beyond The Wheel

7. Soundgarden – Flower

8. Soundgarden – Ugly Truth

9. Soundgarden – Fell On Black Days

10. Soundgarden – Hunted Down

11. Soundgarden – Nothing To Say

12. Soundgarden – Loud Love

13. Soundgarden – Blow Up The Outside World

14. Soundgarden – Pretty Noose

15. Soundgarden – Outshined

16. Soundgarden – Slaves And Bulldozers

17. Soundgarden – Get On The Snake

18. Soundgarden – Big Dumb Sex

19. Soundgarden – Waiting For The Sun

4 responses to “Soundgarden: April 16, 2010

  1. Can you please reupload it? It says limit exceeded!

  2. same here, says exceeded damn!

  3. I too was unable to access the full zip file link. I was able to pull the individual files down, except the “Gun” link links to the “Spoonman” file. Any chance this could be corrected? Thanks so much for sharing! I would be happy to share from my extensive SG boot collection in return if desired.

  4. Wow, nice post.

    They still rock live, but they are fucking up with “Telephantasm.”