Deer Tick: 20 Miles

Stripped down, is a pretty good way to describe Deer Tick’s sound: minimalist blues/country with a touch of smoking and drinking in the vocals. Until today, however, I didn’t realize that they took the same approach to their website. Looking for info on their forthcoming album, I searched for Deer Tick, and made my way here. It looks like the Geocities page my high school band (we were called The Mazah Balls) put up.

Either way, John announced via the site that their new album, The Black Dirt Sessions will be out in May. Thanks to Stereogum, we have a song released (with the band’s permission, I think), which I’ll share with you today. Thank goodness they dropped the pop aspect of War Elephant for the angst ridden booze ballads of Born On Flag Day.

Here’s to hoping the rest of the album follows suit.

Deer Tick – 20 Miles

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