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Joanna Newsom: Live in DC

I never got around to reviewing Joanna Newsom’s latest offering, Have One On Me, mostly because I couldn’t figure out where to start. It’s obviously an unbelievable album, but it’s so dense and difficult to comprehend that it makes the reviewer (me) a bit stumped as to how to properly review it.

And while there is a ton going on in the album that I still need to unpack, I’m happy to say that I found this recent Joanna concert to share with you. Surprisingly (at least to me), Joanna is able to replicate in her live show every one of the auras and atmospheres she swirls into each of the album tracks. The result is a magnificent live show that presents to us an young artist who is not only producing studio wonders, but has the ability to wow us onstage as well.

So please, I implore you to listen to this concert. Listen once, and understand that you may not fully get it at first. And then listen a second time. By then, your ears will convince you that subsequent plays are necessary, and that you must go out and purchase the album.  It’s that good.

1. Joanna Newsom – ’81

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