Passover Hotel

For some people, this is the norm. For my family, it can’t be further from it. Many Jews, leave their homes for the entire holiday of Passover, traveling to resorts that feature sun, water, and an endless supply of Passover food. Literally endless. I don’t use the word ‘literally’ lightly; it’s not uncommon that I’ll berate a friend for using ‘literally’ as a synonym for figuratively. But here, there has been a literal non-stoppage of food since we arrived. It’s kind of obscene. And quite filling at the same time.

So, for the past few days, we’ve been swimming, relaxing by the pool, and eating. It’s quite gorgeous here in Cambridge, MD, and we’re having a blast, thanks to my mom helping run the weeklong food fest and getting us all free passes here.

And while this won’t be our Pesach every year, it’s certainly nice to be able to experience this kind of decadence and treatment every year, it’s really cool to be here right now.

As for the song, hopefully I’ll be posting some Black Crowes in honor of Easter in a few minutes; if only I can get the song uploaded.

One response to “Passover Hotel

  1. thedisappeared

    Come on, we can do better than the Black Crowes here… how about “Passover” by Joy Division!

    And Chag Sameach to you.